Moleskine and Custom Media announce partnership

August 7, 2014

Iconic Italian brand picks top creative agency to market corporate gifts.

TOKYO, August 7, 2014—Custom Media, an award-winning full-service media agency, has been selected as the official agent offering customized Moleskine notebooks and related items to companies in Japan.

“Custom Media’s expertise in developing creative and finely designed communication tools, as well as its ability to understand a global brand like ours and connect with a Japanese audience, led to its selection as our partner here,” said Andrea Rossi, B2B global director of Moleskine.

Moleskine notebooks can be transformed into a mobile branding tool, perfect for corporate or holiday gifts, product launches or training and development tools.

Custom Media can help clients design their perfect notebook, and the options for customization are vast.

Large or pocket-size notebooks can be tailored to include debossed company logos, paper wraps with special messaging, and colored elastic bands and bookmarks. Inserts, custom pages and endpapers provide space for visual messaging for modern businesspeople on the move.

“When Moleskine approached us for representation in the B2B Japanese market, we were already using its products and were aware of the brand’s prestige and sophistication, so forming a partnership was an easy decision,” said Robert Heldt, president of Custom Media.

“We believe every brand has a unique story, and together as a branding agency and a legendary notebook maker, we believe it is our duty to help our customers find, design and share their stories in a memorable way,” Heldt said.

Moleskine’s Rossi added, “Moleskine notebooks are suitable for both creative and professional minds, two strong elements in this country. Ours is a popular brand with high quality standards, recognized in Japan thanks to widespread distribution in top department stores. Our products appeal to Japanese customers thanks to their simple and neat design.”

Custom Media has been creating bespoke communication tools since 2008, building a solid reputation for top-quality designs, products and solutions. Publishers of the ACCJ Journal magazine for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan and BCCJ ACUMEN magazine for the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, the firm was voted Company of the Year at the BCCJ 2013 British Business Awards.

Moleskine, founded in Milan in 1997, offers a collection of tools that assist contemporary creative professionals and knowledge workers in the formation and
elaboration of words, images and ideas. Moleskine objects are distributed in 92 countries at over 24,000 points of sale.

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