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The direct-to-consumer (D2C) model is popular in the 21st century because it gives a business total control of the brand, allowing direct customer interactions. Expanding to Japan is a logical step that exposes your D2C company to a market that, according to Statista, will generate more than $335 billion in revenue for businesses in the next six years. 

However, to truly tap into this growing market, your company needs to deploy effective marketing campaigns that Japanese consumers respond to. Engaging an advertising agency in Japan will help your company get things right from the get-go. 

Custom Media is Japan’s premier digital marketing agency based in Tokyo. We use our years of experience in the Japanese market to make your business’s debut in the new environment swifter and more profitable.

Who Are We?

Custom Media is one of the top advertising agencies in the Japanese market. We provide award-winning bilingual services to meet any business’s digital marketing and communication needs, including market research, public relations, content marketing and social media advertising.

We use storytelling to artistically communicate your brand, product or service to your target audience and ensure the message is visually appealing, gets their attention, builds trust, drives engagement, and inspires action.

Why Advertise in the Japanese Market?

Advertising is one of Japan’s most important markets, accounting for at least 1 percent of the country’s GDP.

Placing ads in print media such as newspapers costs companies about ¥381 billion, while advertising in magazines accounts for more than ¥122 billion yen each year.

Broadcast media takes second place for advertising expenditures, with companies using more than ¥110 billion to advertise via radio and more than ¥1.8 trillion to place TV ads.

Internet advertising is viral in Japan, with companies spending more than ¥2.7 trillion to place ads on various online platforms.

Since local and international companies are willing to spend trillions of yen each year to reach Japanese consumers., D2C businesses looking to enter the Japanese market must pay more attention to advertising. Using the services of a marketing agency in Japan will give you access to expert analyses that help your company pick and fully utilize the most effective advertising channels in the local market.

How Custom Media Helps Global Brands

Custom Media is a strategic communications agency that prides itself on offering a range of digital integrated marketing solutions to businesses in Japan. Our goal is to provide data-driven analyses to help domestic and global clients apply the proper marketing techniques in Japan.

Targeted Marketing Solutions

Custom Media is the right partner for going D2C in the Japanese market because we offer targeted marketing solutions to address all the common pain points involved in the process.

We conduct extensive market research to gauge the local market’s readiness for your products or services. We also look at competitors, analyze what they do, and identify the market gaps your company can fill.

Our research findings can be used during strategic planning to help your company successfully navigate the on-ground reality in Japan.

Digital Marketing Services

While most modern businesses have mastered the science behind digital marketing, implementing the same tactics your company has used in the west may have different effects in Japan. Custom Media’s digital marketing services help you implement tried-and-tested methods fit for the local market.

Since our digital marketing agency sits in the heart of Japan, we continuously receive and analyze data about digital marketing trends from all over the country to present your business with the most relevant and actionable techniques.

We cover all the bases for digital advertising, ensuring that you get all relevant outlets. We’ve become a renowned social media advertising agency because of our ability to generate a following for any business on Japan’s most popular social media platforms. As a creative production agency, we develop relevant content creation ideas to deliver valuable content to your audience.

We also pride ourselves on being a creative marketing agency that consistently finds new ways of presenting brand information to consumers, regardless of the medium used. We use popular trends and create new ones to generate a following for your business on all relevant platforms.

Our digital integrated marketing services take things a step further by helping you create a distinct identity and maintain uniform messaging to ensure your brand is instantly recognizable on any advertising medium.

Find Advertising Agencies in Japan

There’s a reason why Custom Media is one of the best advertising agencies based in Tokyo, Japan. Over the years, we’ve crafted marketing solutions for dozens of international companies, helping them successfully extend their services into Japan. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from the services of our advertising agency in Japan.

Mansion Global

Publishing a quarterly magazine focused on premium properties and luxurious lifestyles

Vranken-Pommery Monopole Group

Helping a storied drinks brand launch two products in Japan

Camelot International School

Ad campaign for an international school that increased their total enrollments by 20 percent


Creation of a commercial for one of Tokyo’s leading serviced apartment brands

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Media partner, publisher, marketing, event management and promotion for the BCCJ

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Strategic partner, publisher and exclusive advertising agency for the ACCJ

The BCCJ 2017 British Business Awards

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its annual British Business Awards (BBA), held this year at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, the BCCJ sought media exposure


We worked with luxury automobile maker Bugatti to spread brand awareness

Nihonbashi Summer Experience

Attracting foreigners living in Tokyo to experience the heart of Japan’s cultural center Nihonbashi

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