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Custom Media is a Tokyo-based design studio specializing in web development, print assets and web creations. Hire a graphic designer in Tokyo, Japan, to turn everyday tasks into compelling experiences for your clients.

Logo and brand design are just as important as products, services, and web development. Clients see your logo when they view an advertisement, browse your website, contact your organization, or visit you at an event. They recognize your logo when they read your business’s name.

Likewise, expert graphic design reflects your brand’s dedication to your clients. Clean, professional print and digital layouts show customers you want to make their lives easier. They can find information in minutes, see product and location photos, and contact your team to learn more.

Why Your D2C Needs a Graphic Designer in Tokyo

Your organization needs a graphic designer in Tokyo because they’re experts in the art and design industry. They know how warm, cool, and neutral shades set the mood and invoke certain emotions, like excitement and hunger. A graphic designer can create a balanced color scheme that’s pleasing to the eye and suitable for various fine branding assets.

A graphic designer uses the latest technology to create vibrant, trendy illustrations. They suggest imagery that fits your business, such as green, leafy elements for a health food store. Your graphic designer also builds neat, organized layouts with clean information blocks that customers can scan to find the information they need.

For mobile apps, a graphic designer in a studio uses colors, fonts and graphics to help web builders create a convenient, scrollable experience.

What a Custom Media Graphic Designer Provides

Custom Media offers a full range of services to meet your web design, digital marketing and print layout needs. Our development studio-based digital products include:

  • Custom logo design that clients recognize instantly, increasing brand loyalty
  • Web graphic design that includes icons, illustrations, logos, and fine branding
  • Advertising with colors, images, and fonts that grab customers’ attention
  • Report layouts that offer statistics and celebrate your business’s development
  • Designs for company assets, such as stationery and business cards
  • Digital art and crisp layouts for mobile apps
  • Pictures and illustrations that showcase your product design
  • Layouts for magazines, brochures, and other printed assets
  • Color palettes for your branding

Our Tokyo-based design studio tailors its creative graphic design services to each business’s needs. Some industries need fresh, colorful designs for compelling experiences, while others prefer classic layouts that reflect tradition and professionalism.

Browse our portfolio to see projects our designers have completed for clients. Our customers include insurance companies, energy providers, nonprofit organizations, educational websites, beauty apps, and an interior design studio based in Tokyo.

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding is the face of your business. Without branding, your company has loose, undefined concepts that don’t tell customers what to expect. They see scattered graphics and inconsistent color schemes that make them wonder if they stumbled on the wrong website.

Product development is overly broad, and you can’t find the niche that separates you from your competitors. A lack of subtle branding also makes it harder to run a store. With no defined identity, you’re still determining what role you want to play in your industry.

Branding from a Tokyo-based design studio tells your company’s story, so you offer cohesive, compelling experiences. For example, if you have a passion for technology, a design studio might develop clean branding with cool color palettes and plenty of white space. These elements suggest cleanliness, modernity, and futurism.

Your company’s brand typically starts with a logo and color scheme and then expands to web development, mission statements, taglines, and marketing strategies. Work with an experienced graphic designer to carve out a place in your sector.

Let Custom Media Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Our offices in Tokyo specialize in business logo design, fine branding, web layouts, and illustrations to create compelling experiences. Contact our Tokyo-based design studio to hire a graphic designer who can help you market your business in Japan. Talk to one of our consultants, James Greer for other services.

  • Attention to Detail: Graphic design needs to be clean, straight and perfectly aligned. A single error could make your advertisements look unprofessional—and people love pointing out flaws in ads. We perfect our designs before releasing them to the public, so we always get it right the first time.
  • On-brand Design. Brand consistency ensures customers remember your name whenever they see an advertisement and form clear associations in their heads. When they see your logo and color scheme, they know they’re interacting with one of the best companies in the industry. We keep branding consistent across all assets.
  • Multilingual Asset Creation. Our team speaks multiple languages, so we can communicate directly with Japanese partners and consumers, promote your business in different languages, and read text written in Japanese. You’ll reach clients nationwide instead of just the limited population that speaks English.
  • Consistency Across Media. Your campaign offers a consistent message, so clients know what to expect from your brand. Your image could be cheerful and outgoing, youthful and trendy, clean and professional, or traditional and old-fashioned. We’ll work with your current image or help you develop a brand-new vibe.
  • Personalized Care. We work alongside your operation throughout the process to understand your needs, discuss your ideas, and create brand integrity. We customize our services just for you and recommend other products tailored to your business. Reach out to us any time—we’re here whenever you need us.

Custom Media is a top graphic design company that helps new stores launch Japanese locations and existing organizations rebrand themselves for a Tokyo-based market. Your graphic designer watches technology trends and works with a range of clients, bringing years of experience to your project.


Helping an environmental leader raise awareness about a key issue

Mirai no Mori

Creating key assets to help a dynamic NPO mark its 10-year anniversary

Word Zen

Developing a new logo and appealing website for a company dedicated to the spoken and written word

Refugee Empowerment International

Helping a global charity with a major rebrand

McGill MBA Japan

Helping a leader in business education reach a wider audience

Sun Realty & Insurance Corporation

Creating an elegant website for a leading company in Tokyo real estate

Genie Energy

Branding and visual identity creation for an energy provider entering the Japanese market


Exciting new website for top architecture and interior design firm in Tokyo


Responsive website puts beauty at your fingertips

The Great Rebrand

Much more than Business in Japan: In Japan TV

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Strategic partner, publisher and exclusive advertising agency for the ACCJ

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)

Creating a new website for an organization dedicated to meeting Japan's mental health needs


Campaign using infographics to help an international HR company

Executive Fight Night VII

Custom Media was an official production partner for Executive Fight Night VII (EFN), a charity event for the innovative Shine On! Kids Facility Dog Program

Aero Asahi

Complete redesign of a company brochure


We worked with luxury automobile maker Bugatti to spread brand awareness

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