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Custom Media is the leading PR agency for many of the highest-rated brands in Tokyo. 

Our expertise gives us unique insights into the Japanese market and enables us to reimagine any brand. Whether you’re running high-end hotel chains and luxury real estate agencies or a prominent consumer-branded software company, our public relations tactics and strategies will ensure your first step into Japan is the best one possible.

Regardless of your business vertical, we have the full range of communications experience and resources to help it succeed in the Japanese market.

What Makes Custom Media the Leading Public Relations Agency in Japan?

Our diverse staff of bilingual PR experts all share a single conviction: Communication is everything. From the moment we start working with our clients, we are committed to open, transparent and effective communication. From there, we lean on our robust experience to craft and fine-tune a strategy to establish your brand as a leader in Tokyo’s market.

We provide more than the other public relations agencies in Tokyo, Japan; We’re also a full-service digital marketing agency with the technology and an extensive network across Japan that reaches beyond the typical public affairs purview. This means we can tap the power of digital media, opening new avenues for presenting your brand in the best way possible to Japanese consumers and companies.

The Proof Is in Our Portfolio

Company leaders who take their brand’s presence and impact seriously want to see results. As a top PR agency, we expect no less. This is why we make sure any potential new client explores our unique portfolio. We’re proud of our diversity in terms of industries and expertise required to make these brands shine across Japan.

Premier Public Relations in Any Industry

At Custom Media, there’s nothing complicated about our formula for success: Be the best—period. It’s that simple. 

It’s why our teams define the strategies other PR agencies mimic. Meanwhile, we continue to broaden and deepen our expertise on the Japanese media relations landscape while expanding our network of relationships, including leading journalists, influencers and thought leaders.

This is what makes Custom Media the premier digital PR agency in Tokyo, Japan.

And it helps us ensure precision timing, placement and execution for each campaign component, resulting in maximum impact. Augmenting our traditional and innovative PR strategies further, we layer advertising and content creation techniques to enhance the presence and reach of our clients.

Why Your D2C Business Needs an International Public Relations Agency

For D2C brands wanting to establish a presence in Japan, it’s essential to tap the expertise of a PR agency that understands the local market. Custom Media’s bilingual team can help craft a message that effectively communicates your brand’s values to potential clients and customers across Japan. 

Here’s why your D2C company should work with Custom Media:

  • We’ll save you time and money. Working with Custom Media for your PR lets you focus on what you do best: running your firm. By leaving the complexities and nuances of your Tokyo, Japan, PR to us, you can focus on growth while we ensure that future clients notice your world-class brand.
  • You’ll ensure greater reach and impact. As a manufacturer depends on supply chains, Custom Media leverages a network of resources to ensure top-tier placement, whether it’s in a publication or a department store.
  • We’ll provide concrete results. There’s nothing ephemeral about what we do. Through every step of your campaign, we’ll demonstrate your brand’s growth and impact with real numbers, showing you the return on investment and what it takes to reach your business goals.

Are Public Relations and Marketing the Same?

PR agencies and marketing efforts support a company’s overall branding and corporate communications strategy. While marketing focuses on promoting and selling products or services, PR builds communications and maintains relationships with stakeholders, including the media, customers, employees, and the general public. In a traditional sense, each area requires different technology and a different approach.

But the information age is a vastly different landscape for PR and marketing. Many of the objectives overlap significantly, as do the strategies used to achieve said objectives. 

Think Outside the Box With Rebranding

Even with the best intentions and all the right moves, brands find themselves in situations where public opinion has soured. In other situations, companies slide into irrelevance with no clear path back to the top.

At Custom Media, our PR development and marketing teams leverage this interconnectedness to create a solution greater than the sum of its parts. And with our expertise, we’ll make sure that rebranding your business establishes new heights across Japan’s market.

Get Started Today

You’re ready to create a lasting presence in industries throughout Tokyo, Japan, improve investor relations or establish crisis management. In that case, you need a premier PR agency with the experience and PR tactics to pave the way for your brand. 

When it comes to PR agencies, Custom Media leads the way. So go ahead and schedule a consultation with us today. We’d be happy to talk about how we can help you conquer one of the most competitive markets in the world.

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