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Research, Strategy and Consulting for Market Entry in Japan

Custom Media is a branding company with business consulting services to help you enter the Japan market with a strong market entry strategy. You’ll confidently approach clients and achieve rapid growth in your industry.

Have you mastered your target market? Do your customers provide a steady target stream? Have you leveraged the competition in SERP placement? Has your growth slowed in the last several months? Has your company reached just about everyone in your market landscape, hindering your expansion strategy?

Expanding to a new territory gives you access to a new target audience. You’ll have competitive advantages over businesses that haven’t found this audience, making customer acquisition easier. You could double or triple your profits with market research, strategic branding, and a strong online presence.

Seeking a new audience requires a deep understanding of the market size, competitive landscape, market trends, and distribution channels. However, the risk makes some businesses hesitant to advance, especially into an international market. A failed entry strategy could cost millions of dollars and negatively impact your reputation in foreign markets.

What Do Market Entry Strategy Consultants Do?

Perform Strategy Consulting

Market entry consulting services start with research and due diligence. They study past and current economic growth to track product and advertising trends, helping you determine your entry strategy. For additional insight, consultants review laws, regulations, competitors, possible shareholders, social changes, and the political landscape.

Evaluate Economic Factors

Market sizing helps you find the biggest audience and evaluate your market share. Business consultants study the potential cost, supply chains, and your company’s assets so you can save money as you enter the new market.

Make Recommendations for Growth

Finally, your market entry strategy includes recommendations. Consultants suggest potential business partners, franchising opportunities, buyout options, investments, mergers, and other industry opportunities. Afterward, they continue their market entry research to support your progress.

Why Hire Market Entry Strategy Consultants?

Finding a new market means starting over. You’ll need solutions for challenges like these as you plan your market entry strategy:

  • Cultural differences, such as unfamiliar customs and language barriers
  • Advertising your business to a new demographic that might not respond to your current business models
  • Foreign currency exchange rates that could result in lower profits than you expected
  • Navigating around the existing competition
  • Location issues, such as different building laws and weather hazards
  • Regulatory hindrances that could slow your company’s expansion
  • An apparent lack of market opportunities

Market entry consulting tackles these issues before you start to reduce the risk as much as possible. If the landscape is too risky, marketing consulting could save you millions of dollars by recommending you try another location.

Otherwise, digital consulting helps you prepare a business model that covers most possibilities. You’ll develop a strong entry strategy that introduces your business while respecting cultural norms and seeking the best opportunities.

What to Look for in Research and Consulting Services

Look for market entry consultants, such as the experts at Custom Media, with an extensive portfolio that includes entry into Japan. We have spent years performing comparative market analysis and gaining insight into the climate so we can perfect your entry method.

The top branding agencies offer graphic design, advertising, editorial, and other services so you can work with the same company throughout your project. This branding strategy integrates with Japan consulting to reach your new market every step of the way.

Custom Media’s philosophy includes five values: quality, integrity, accountability, partnership, and imagination. The best creative branding agencies think creatively so you can join markets from a fresh angle with respectful, ethical methods.

How Custom Media Can Help Your D2C Business in Japan

Our services include graphic design, search marketing, events, public relations, video production, corporate branding, custom publishing, market research, and building a social media presence. Custom Media consultants are bilingual, making market analysis easier.

Your market entry strategy will kick off a new period of rapid growth for your business. We’ll use our insight into Japan’s culture and economy to build your strategy, mitigate risks, and locate opportunities that give you a head start. Reach out today through email or telephone to discuss our market entry consulting services.

  • Market insights: We track marketing trends in Japan so we can tailor your campaign to the current economic and cultural norms. We also watch the market throughout your campaign to make adjustments as necessary and ensure continuous growth. Our tools provide unique insights you won’t find for free online.
  • Competitor analysis: Competitors find success for a reason. We study your competitors to see what worked for them and funnel this knowledge into your campaign. We evaluate their campaigns and services to see why they took off. This is ethical and legal; we don’t steal trade secrets.
  • Segmentation & Positioning: We study your target audience to see what they need from your business. Once we’ve located your core demographic, we market your company to this group, so you save money selling yourself to the right people. You’ll enjoy increased sales and maximize your return on investment.
  • Market Orientation: We learn what customers need from your operation. Your demographic needs you to add services, remove others, or sharpen your business model. You’ll successfully market your business because you’ll offer what customers need and won’t waste your time promoting services they don’t.

Contact Custom Media for our Research, Strategy & Consulting Services

Custom Media’s award-winning services help international companies break into Japan’s market. We help thriving businesses that want to break into new markets and companies that need rebrands and marketing materials before they join the global stage. Our success stories include advertising campaigns, logo design, website building, online marketing, major rebrands and market entry.


Helping a top tech firm enter the Japan market


Creating an eye-catching online presence for the real estate leader

Delegation of the European Union to Japan

Sharing key information about efforts to combat Covid-19

David Stanley Hewett

Website puts celebrated artist’s work at center stage

GG International School and GG Tech

Helping an international school triple its inquiries with a new website, and developing a new brand for a programming school

Genie Energy

Branding and visual identity creation for an energy provider entering the Japanese market

OBE Organic

A multimedia approach that helped an Australian beef exporter gain traction in the Japanese market

Shimadzu Ltd.

Redesigning a website and restaurant menus for a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Swiss Delice Rösti

Helping a quintessential Swiss brand succeed in Japan

Conrad Tokyo

Multimedia collaboration with one of Tokyo’s top luxury hotels

Mori Building

Content creation and communications partner for Japan’s leading luxury real estate developer

Malaysia Airlines

Social media launch and engagement for an international airline in Japan


Responsive website puts beauty at your fingertips

Recruitment  International Awards

Co-hosting a top awards ceremony for the recruitment industry


Campaign using infographics to help an international HR company

Nihonbashi Summer Experience

Attracting foreigners living in Tokyo to experience the heart of Japan’s cultural center Nihonbashi

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