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Helping a top tech firm enter the Japan market

Word Zen

Developing a new logo and appealing website for a company dedicated to the spoken and written word

Delegation of the European Union to Japan

Sharing key information about efforts to combat Covid-19

David Stanley Hewett

Website puts celebrated artist’s work at center stage

The William Adams Club

A lesson in history and how to get in the press

GG International School and GG Tech

Helping an international school triple its inquiries with a new website, and developing a new brand for a programming school

Nordson K.K.

Celebrating a company's milestone anniversary with a logo, booklet, and video

Shimadzu Ltd.

Redesigning a website and restaurant menus for a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Swiss Delice Rösti

Helping a quintessential Swiss brand succeed in Japan

The Great Rebrand

Much more than Business in Japan: In Japan TV

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