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BBN: A Global Advantage

Discover what our partnership with an organization that's setting a new standard for B2B marketing around the globe means for you.

As a partner in BBN International, we offer unparalleled access to a world of B2B marketing expertise—right here in Japan. This partnership means your business can leverage:

Global Insights

Tap into the collective intelligence of more than 1,000 experts worldwide.

Localized Strategies

Harness the power of world-class strategies, customized for the Japanese market.

Expansive Reach

Connect with potential clients across continents effortlessly.

An Approach That Leads to Results

Our partnership with BBN means that we unite local expertise with global best practices. Through the BBN Navigator platform, we offer:

An Integrated B2B Marketing Toolset

A unified approach to brand and campaign strategy.

Real-Time Collaboration

Seamless support across all marketing disciplines, globally.

Tailored Solutions

Access to specialized skills and industry knowledge exactly when—and where—you need it.

What is BBN?

BBN International is a worldwide partnership that is setting a new standard for B2B marketing around the globe. With representatives in 60 offices in more than 29 countries, BBN offers a unique platform for collaboration, innovation, and shared success. As Japan’s representative of this partnership, we stand ready to connect you with a world of opportunities.