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The SaaS Source: March 2024

These are the stories that have been making news in the software-as-a-service industry in Japan this month.

Japanese Broker Deploying SaaS Post-Trade Solution

Leading Japanese online securities broker Matsui Securities, Co., Ltd. has adopted the cloud-based post-trade processing solution of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., a March 11 story on Finance Feeds reported. Matsui Securities had been using an internally developed system, but as its business grew, the system became less efficient and required significant time for maintenance. The company, which handles everything from forex and investment trusts to Japanese and US stocks, expects that the transition will improve efficiency and cut down on maintenance needs. The front office component of the solution that will handle functions such as settling stock transactions and managing positions will be developed by the system integrator Intelligent Wave, Inc.

Top Ice Cream Manufacturer Modernizes with Cloud-Based Platform

Akagi Nyugyo, which produces such well-known frozen confections as GariGarikun, is now using SAP S/4HANA Cloud to implement the digital transformation of its core system, according to a March 25 story on ZDNet Japan (in Japanese). The company had been using SAP ERP since 2014, but chose to migrate to the new solution last year because of its capacity to adapt to changes and implement new functions and innovations. During the migration process, which began last November, the company sorted out add-ons and peripheral systems that had been set up over many years of operation, creating a foundation for in-house production, and allowing it to centralize data from various internal systems. Meanwhile, the cloud-based platform can quickly add functions and work alongside legal systems, making for an IT environment that can flexibly respond to future business developments.

DocYou Recognized for Industry Awards

As explained in a March 4 press release published on PR Times, the B2B transaction platform DocYou received two awards in the BOXIL SaaS AWARDS 2024 (in Japanese). It received first place in the “Best SaaS in Japan” category, which is awarded on criteria that include the evaluation of industry questionnaires and case studies. DocYou also took first place in the large company category for case studies, based on its implementation at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. The platform, which is developed by Nippon Steel Hitachi System Solutions Co., Ltd., is a cloud service that allows multiple companies to seamlessly exchange, distribute, and manage electronic documents in a unified environment. The case study revealed how Matsuzakaya aimed to implement a paperless system for more than 10,000 promotional tie-up agreements and other documents. To date, the company has digitized about 50 percent of these documents while cutting administrative work time related to the migrated documents by about 50 percent.

Human Capital Management Service Aims to Address Companies’ Pain Points

Crowdworks’ human capital management SaaS service, Human & Human, is offering a test run to potential customers, a March 8 story on ASCII Startup revealed. The platform grows out of the recent requirement in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act for the 4,000 major companies in Japan that issue securities reports to disclose human capital information, such as employee satisfaction. To learn more about companies’ pain points on this topic, Crowdworks has conducted interviews with more than 60 companies since May 2023. The interviews revealed a set of common issues among human resources, labor affairs, corporate planning, and IR personnel, which led the company to develop a service that simplifies the process of aggregating and analyzing human capital data. The company is offering Human & Human on a trial basis for free until April 30.

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The SaaS Source: June 2024

This month’s roundup of news in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry in Japan covers the launch of new platforms and major venture capital investments.

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