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Their local business partner in Japan was looking for a complete overhaul of its e-commerce digital platform, both design and technology. Custom Media was asked to give the website a facelift that would appeal to young, mobile-savvy Japanese women, and build an improved back-end system for convenient order processing and inventory management.

Virtual salon

Custom Media modernized the design, making it attractive, easy to use, and rich in functions. The responsive mobile-friendly site enables consumers to quickly see best-selling products or seasonal offerings. Favorites can be sorted by color, design, accent, or combination, and ordered online with ease. Customers can also learn how to use the product, find local retail outlets, and much more.

On the back-end, Custom Media designed a system to automate inventory and stocktaking, and to accept different payment types.

To meet consumer preferences, support for localized payment methods was added, including credit cards, mobile, cash on delivery, and the option to pay at convenience stores—a popular choice in Japan.

A real-time inventory and service pipeline reflects orders made through various methods and syncs with a legacy inventory app to keep stock information accurate and up-to-date.

Custom Media developed a plug-in to enable the GMO payment gateway to work with the WooCommerce platform—the first of its kind to be used in Japan.
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Polished finish

The new modern, elegant, and mobile-friendly website caters to the tastes and demands of the target audience while boosting m-commerce, brand recognition, and growth for Incoco in the Japan market.

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