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Creating a campaign using infographics to help an international HR company gain media attention

Randstad, a global leader in HR services, needed to boost pickup of the quarterly WorkMonitor survey it conducted. After consulting with the client, Custom Media suggested creating a series of visual infographics to present the survey data to targeted media, industry experts, employers, and job seekers in a way that was both visually engaging and easy to read.

A template that featured the core elements of the Randstad brand—namely the blue and orange color palette—made the infographics recognizable even when used outside of the website.

From the beginning of the project in 2014, Custom Media created numerous sets of detailed, bilingual infographics that kept Randstad’s brand guidelines and appeal in mind while making sure the infographics were suitable for use in Japan and overseas.

With Custom Media’s infographics, Randstad was able to successfully differentiate itself from other companies. In addition to prominent display on the Randstad website, select infographics were also published as part of a magazine advertising campaign to engage the general media and wider public.

Finally, the infographics were picked up and used by the media. In the link below, you can find an infographic focusing on LGBT individuals in the workplace that was picked up by Japanese media and reposted: