Randstad asked Custom Media to present the company’s annual survey results, which contained data about global recruitment trends. This data needed to be displayed in a creative and engaging way to help Randstad grab attention in a competitive industry.

Custom Media created a series of infographics to present the survey data to industry experts, employers, and job seekers in a way that is both visually engaging and easy to read.

A template that featured the core elements of the Randstad brand—namely the blue and orange color palette—made the infographics recognizable even when used outside of the website.

Since 2014, Custom Media has created 10 sets of detailed, bilingual infographics suitable for use in Japan and abroad.

From the beginning of the project, Custom Media created numerous sets of detailed, bilingual infographics suitable for use in Japan and abroad.

With Custom Media’s infographics, Randstad was able to successfully differentiate itself from other companies. In addition to prominent display on the Randstad website, select infographics were also published as part of a magazine advertising campaign to engage the general media and wider public.


Finally, one set of infographics focusing on LGBT individuals in the workplace was picked up by Japanese media and reposted on their websites:

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