Micro-Influencers Have Major Power

Micro-Influencers Have Major Power

When it comes to SNS influencers, there are the superstars of the world—those with more than 1 million followers—who command high fees for posts that can reach an extremely wide audience. But more and more, smart marketers are leaning towards a different type of influencer.

Known as micro-influencers, these are individuals with anywhere between 1,000 and 1 million followers or audience members. One of the things that makes them stand out is that they are experts in their fields—anyone from a wellness blogger who writes about fitness trends to a traveler who posts about her journeys would fit in this category.

Niche Focus and Strong Engagement

One of the things that micro-influencers are known for, particularly those within the 1,000- to 100,000-follower range, is cultivating a special relationship with their fans. They are frequently seen as a peer by those who follow them, in contrast to the usual fan–celebrity dynamic. And since consumers are more likely to trust the recommendation of a peer than advertising, this relationship that micro-influencers cultivate is something that can pay dividends from a marketing point of view.

“Audiences can relate better to real and genuine people in general, rather than celebrities. Micro-influencers provide niche markets with more engaged audiences,” explained Megumi Okazaki, head of project management at Custom Media.

And in some cases, going smaller actually has considerable benefits. According to research by GRIN, producers of influencer marketing software, influencers with 1,000 followers have been shown to generate 85 percent higher engagement than those with 100,000 followers.

Micro-influencers are also far more affordable: a celebrity or a superstar influencer might charge the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single post, while a micro-influencer with 100,000 followers might charge about a thousand dollars for a post. Sometimes, micro-influencers with smaller audiences may accept payment in the form of free products.

Audiences can relate better to real and genuine people in general, rather than celebrities. Micro-influencers provide niche markets with more engaged audiences
Megumi Okazaki
Head of project management
Custom Media

Get Into the Game

So, given their unique strengths, what’s the best way to find a micro-influencer who can help get the word out about your products and services? According to social media service company Buffer, the ideal approach is still to do a bit of your own legwork. More prominent figures might show up on databases and marketplaces dedicated to influencers, but to find micro-influencers, you’ll need to do plenty of Google searches for relevant keywords and checking the appropriate social media channels for hashtags to find your best possible matches. It’s not necessarily easy, but it can definitely be worth the effort.

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