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Custom Media CEO Robert Heldt on the Scaling Japan podcast


Account-Based Marketing


Robert Heldt Appears on Scaling Japan Podcast

Find out more about this engaging discussion about account-based marketing.

At Custom Media, we’re not just looking to innovate—we want to share the new practices and learnings we’ve acquired with the community around us.

We recently had the chance to do this when Custom Media CEO Robert Heldt featured on the Scaling Japan Podcast. Hosted by Tyson Batino, the CEO of Scaling Your Company, the podcast features discussions with leading figures in the Japanese business ecosystem. Tyson is well known among the entrepreneurial community in Japan: he has launched two thriving businesses and has grown one of them to 100 employees. He also advises business owners on areas of focus that range from operations, leadership, and marketing to sales and personal growth.

During his conversation with Tyson, Robert discussed the ins and outs of account-based marketing (ABM), which we’ve been using to help several of our B2B clients strategically target new potential customers.

Their talk began with Robert explaining what ABM is and how it can help improve B2B marketing results by focusing on the best contacts at an account, developing content that’s targeted to them, and harnessing the combined efforts of an organization’s sales and marketing teams. He later discussed why more and more companies are moving towards implementing ABM themselves, and what the B2B marketing landscape looked like before its uptake. Robert also pointed out some of the risks that can be involved with the approach, and which of its aspects can be difficult to adapt to or learn.

In the Asia–Pacific market, ABM is being used in some countries—particularly in Singapore. But its implementation in Japan has been slow, and Robert discussed this dynamic, as well as methods that work well for B2B marketing here, including creating industry-specific content.

After exploring some of the international and domestic software that can be used to best implement ABM, Robert closed the conversation by explaining how Custom Media helps the overseas companies that we work with by executing our proven process, which we’ve developed over the years.

The podcast is a great listen, and you can check it out on the following platforms:

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