BIJ.TV x MIPIM Japan 2015

May 20 & 21, the Prince Park Tower Hotel, Tokyo


For a unique, effective and creative way to raise your company’s profile, be featured in a video report of the most important global property / real estate industry event of the year: MIPIM Japan.


  • Sponsor (various levels, prices, packages)
  • Advertise (we can make a commercial or use your existing one)
  • Interview (your leader speaks on products, services, solutions, etc)

What is MIPIM Japan?

MIPIM Japan is the premier real estate forum for Japanese and global leaders, joining together property and finance professionals from all asset classes – office, retail, infrastructure, leisure, residential – enabling Japanese real estate professionals to share their projects and know how with the world and international stakeholders to source capital or new opportunities in Japan.


The Olympics

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The real estate challenges and ambitions
  • Global events legacy: International Cities share past experience & learnings

Innovative Cities

  • Real Estate Investment into Japan
  • Investment opportunities in Japan & Asia REITs
  • Outbound investments, from Japan to the World
  • Managing Risk in Building Global Real Estate Co-organiser: Exposure: the need to Benchmark


  • Smart urban development
  • Growth potential of Japanese infrastructure
  • Energy transition: presenting the “positive” solutions of tomorrow
  • How to optimize smart mobility
  • Resiliency: build to face environmental disasters. Learnings from Japan


  • Business tourism attractiveness
  • The scope of Japan’s hospitality market: from boutique hotel to integrated resorts
  • Join the conversation
  • Consider advertising or capturing an interview with senior leaders of your team. Extend your message with BIJ.TV’s reach.


About BIJ.TV


BIJ.TV is a permanent record in English and Japanese of your company’s message, opinions, services, people, products and solutions—to attract new clients, vendors, staff and investors. BIJ.TV e-newsletter is sent to over 10,000 global executives with all new videos.

Why Video?

  • Landing Pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than those without
  • Video content is shared, on average, 1,200% more times than links and text combined
  • Video and e-mail marketing can increase click-through rates by more than 90%.

Sources: / Simply Measured / Mist Media

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