Lufthansa appoints Custom Media in Japan

Award-winning creative agency Custom Media K.K. will manage all social media in Japan for Lufthansa German Airlines, which is part of the Cologne-based group that operates the biggest fleet and carries more passengers than any other airline in Europe.

Tokyo-based bilingual content-creator Custom Media will manage the popular Facebook account of Lufthansa Japan until December 2016, producing weekly content in Japanese.

Renowned for diversity and innovation, Custom Media will also support Lufthansa’s advertising and promotional campaigns in Japan and provide other services as required.

Lufthansa is a premier global brand. Custom Media is very proud to be the airline’s social media marketing partner in Japan. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to solidify and extend Lufthansa’s strong brand presence with users of its services in Japanese.
Robert Heldt
President and co-founder
Custom Media

Custom Media is exclusive publisher of monthly magazines and media partner for the American (ACCJ) and British (BCCJ) chambers of commerce in Japan, and producer of BIJ TV, the first and only bilingual online video channel about Business in Japan.

Custom Media’s recent awards include BCCJ Company of the Year and Publisher Simon Farrell’s honour presented by HIH Princess Akiko of Misaka for “significant work in the field of Japanese-British relations.”

Custom Media Moves to CIC Tokyo

Custom Media Moves to CIC Tokyo

Great thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking often praised the human ability to adapt, and the new normal has shown that effectively responding to change is crucial. Custom Media has adapted quickly and skillfully by moving to exciting new premises. 

Clubhouse Has Internet Pricking Up Its Ears

Clubhouse Has Internet Pricking Up Its Ears

For both business and personal purposes, the ability to communicate virtually is of paramount importance. This is where Clubhouse—an audio-based communication platform—comes in.

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