Incoco was looking for an entire redesign of their e-commerce website to appeal to the target audience. Custom Media not only refreshed the look of the site but vastly improved the back-end system to allow for different kinds of payments and automate inventory and stock taking.

Incoco e-commerce platform needed a facelift and an improved back-end system. To achieve this Custom Media completely redesigned the website making it more visually appealing and easy to use.

Campaign Objectives

  • Create an up-to-date and pretty e-commerce platform for Incoco nails
    • Redesign both the front and back ends of the website, give it a modern look that will appeal to the target market.
    • Develop an automated integrated payment and inventory system that incorporates all forms of digital and localized forms of payments, and a real-time inventory and service pipeline that reflects orders made by all these different methods.
Custom Media developed a plugin to enable the GMO gateway to be used with WooCommerce. This is the first of its kind to be used in Japan.

Target Audience

  • Women in Japan (20-40 yrs old)


  • Design the website to be visually pleasing to the target audience; modern with a feminine and elegant aesthetic.
  • Integrating WooCommerce, GMO payments, Conbini pay (localized), and mobile payment all into the Incoco e-commerce database.
  • Building an inventory and service pipeline that is in sync with the various payment methods.
  • Develop two-way synchronization with a legacy stock keeping app so that stock information would always be accurate and uptodate.
  • Redirect old links to new pages for SEO and so users don’t get 404 errors

Campaign Elements

  • Website (mobile responsive)
  • Integrated payment services (mobile payments/conbini pay/credit card)
  • Integrated a real time service and inventory pipeline


  • A sleek and flawless e-commerce website
    • A beautiful makeover of the website, fresh look and fresh links
    • A payment system incorporating digital and localized payment methods, as well as an automated real time inventory and service pipeline
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