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Helping an environmental leader raise awareness about a key issue

International environmental NGO Greenpeace had been working on a petition drive to push Japanese automakers to start increasing the number of fully electric vehicles they were making, rather than sticking with hybrids. Switching to fully electric vehicles will help global efforts in reducing climate change, and can have a positive effect on Japan’s economy.

But Greenpeace needed to push for more signatures for the petition in Japan, while doing it in an engaging way. That’s why they came to Custom Media.

Innovative Approach

Our concept to help them achieve their goal was to make an interactive, gamified survey that allowed visitors to see how their choice of vehicle influenced the environment. Depending on how the user answered the questions, the illustrations and imagery on the pages that followed in the survey would change: growing lighter and more vibrant in the case of an environmentally friendly choice, while becoming darker in the case of a less environmentally friendly option.

The images for the website used an expressive illustration style that skillfully inspired a variety of emotional responses. They were carefully designed to appeal to younger Japanese web users.

Following the survey, visitors were encouraged to sign the petition and make their voices heard in support of helping to promote a greener future. Our work on the interactive survey helped boost Greenpeace’s petition campaign. It also increased consumer awareness and gave them the power to engage automobile manufacturers.

Engaging social media post that Custom Media created for international NGO Greenpeace.

Social Media Engagement

Along with the web project, we also created a series of Instagram videos and reels that connected to the petition and also brought key messages that Greenpeace wanted to share with its followers to vibrant life.

The web project and social media imagery played a dynamic role in supporting Greenpeace’s efforts to improve the environment for generations to come.

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