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Developing successful strategies is the key to market entry or expansion in Japan. But it’s not a process that can be rushed—particularly for the B2B market, when buying decisions can take months.
Our measured and proven approach to strategy that spans a broad range of disciplines has helped businesses from around the world achieve their goals among demanding Japanese B2B stakeholders.


Research & Insights

Successful strategy starts with deep diving into the data—discovering the information you need to know to resonate with your audience. This includes industry research, competitor analysis, and for the B2B market, exploring your key accounts’ decision-making process.

Localized Strategy

It goes without saying that what works elsewhere in the world won’t necessarily work for inscrutable Japan. We harness our valuable knowledge of the local market in creating marketing strategies that are personalized and data driven.

Content Strategy

Creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy is central to reaching key B2B stakeholders in all stages of the sales funnel. Combining content that grabs attention, personalized communications, and automated engagement programs, we can help you establish a solid inbound marketing program that delivers positive results.

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

We use cutting-edge marketing automation processes to generate and nurture leads, helping your business drive sales opportunities and boost revenue. These same processes can be used for customer onboarding, retaining customers, and encouraging loyalty and advocacy.


Helping an environmental leader raise awareness about a key issue


Helping a top tech firm enter the Japan market


B2B Building Blocks for Success in the Japanese Market

We explore some of the key ways B2B brands can achieve their goals in Japan, and share some of the success stories that Custom Media has played a role in creating.

B2B Building Blocks for Success in the Japanese Market

Security SaaS Companies Can Provide Solutions and Find Success in Japan

These are some of the factors that are opening up opportunities in the Japan market for overseas SaaS security companies.

Security SaaS Companies Can Provide Solutions and Find Success in Japan