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  • Moleskine and Custom Media announce partnership

    Iconic Italian brand picks top creative agency to market corporate gifts.

    TOKYO, August 7, 2014—Custom Media, an award-winning full-service media agency, has been selected as the official agent offering customized Moleskine notebooks and related items to companies in Japan. [...]

  • Recent Work: Yamacon

    Our digital team are busy working on the design and development of a new website for financial software company Yamacon. We’ll be posting the new website once finished, so stay tuned! [...]

  • Custom Media KK - Unique by Design

  • About Us

    Custom Media is an award-winning media, design and market entry agency specializing in innovative print and digital publishing—magazines, marketing, websites, apps, videos and communications.

    • BCCJ 2013 Company of the Year
    • Publishers of ACCJ JOURNAL and BCCJ ACUMEN
    • Producers of Business in Japan TV
    • Diverse crew of multi-talented experts
    • Creativity is the core of our success
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