TELL (Tokyo English Life Line)

TELL (Tokyo English Life Line)
Public Relations

Providing a media outlet for a key mental health provider

TELL is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing mental health support for Japan’s international community. Since 1973, it has been serving this community with free telephone counseling, face-to-face counseling, and training programs. The organization offers support for individuals and families, has been operating a medical clinic since 2009, and is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art care.

To help give TELL an opportunity to reach a wider audience—letting people who might benefit from the service know more about it, and increasing the ability of the NPO to raise funds—Custom Media leveraged its media presence. We did this specifically through BCCJ ACUMEN, the magazine for the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Over the years, representatives from TELL have written a number of articles in ACUMEN, on topics ranging from better mental health care for new mothers and dealing with stress at work to domestic violence and suicide prevention. For our readers, these articles have been both informative and inspirational.

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